Couple Relationship Counselling Appointments with two Couple Therapists working together with your relationship.

We can support the birth of a new phase of your relationship, for example - pre-marital counselling, planning to move in together or planning to start a family.

We can support and facilitate couples when communication is difficult or has broken down. We can facilitate healthier communication in order for your relationship to move from a difficult and /or painful place to one of compassion and understanding of each other.

We can support you to separate in a way that honours the time you have spent together as a couple, and where children are involved, we can help you to develop your relationship as parents, whilst supporting the end of your relationship as a couple.

We support couples with the following difficulties;

- Addiction

- Bereavement

- Betrayal

- Sexual issues

- Communication

- Conflict

- Step family experiences.

We view the Couple 'Relationship' as the 'client' - created from the hopes, fears and expectations each person brings to the relationship

We have found that working together with couples creates a balanced safe environment for the couple to explore and understand the relationship they have co-created.

Using skilled interventions, combined with creative activities, couples can raise their awareness and understanding of the difficuties they are experiencing, and make concious decisions to change.

Whilst preferring to work together with couples, we also each see couples as individual couple therapists.

Having two therapists present, we have found, lessens the triangular alliances likely to occur from our experience of working with three in the room.


Initial 1 hour Initial Consultation £50

Two Therapist Couple Sessions 1.5 hours £130

Weekly and Fortnightly appointments available, week days and evenings.

Close to bus routes 26, 26A, 46,46A and easily accessible by A27 and A23

To see Cathy or Chris alone if you are happy with one therapist:

one hour £65 - either weekly or fortnightly with Chris

75 minutes £75 with either Cathy or Chris (usually fortnightly)

90 Minutes £90 with either Cathy or Chris (usually fortnightly)

Cathy: [email protected] /

Chris: [email protected]/